TasiHome Hygienic Disposable Hair Catcher 8 pack


TasiHome Best Hygienic Disposable Hair Catcher And In-line Cleaner For Unclogging All Drains In Showers, Baths, Basins. Drain Eazi 8 Pack

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Product Description

Easy to use, just insert into the drain and then leave it there while it keeps your drains clean. The plugs will work normally with the Drain Eazi in place in the drain.

No physical handling of the trapped hair, just grab hold of the removal handle and pull it out and throw it away.

With the ingenius design and polymer material of which the Drain Eazi is made, it is firstly very easy to separate from it’s protective frame and very easy to insert with no fuss removal.

By grabbing it at the handle section makes it easy to remove from the drain. There is no contact with the hair waste making it very hygienic.

With average use the Drain Eazi should provide effective inline cleaning for at least two weeks, after which it then needs to be replaced.